The Saga Continues

After feeling pretty bummed out about my PC not being well, I fear one of my hard disks might be failing, I had to bring my laptop. This laptop is not gaming material. If anything it is “look on a webpage, e-mail a friend” material, which is exactly the reason I bought this laptop. It’s old, nay, ancient, and not meant for gaming. If i wanted a gaming platform to use on a train or something, I would bring my Nintendo DS. Laptops are NOT made for gaming, or so I thought.

Looking around here I see way too many laptops. And all of them better then mine. But that’s okay. Tomorrow tempelhof will be filled with shows, contests and workshops! Why would I want to waste time playing a game, while I can feed my inner nerd? Tomorrow will be awesome! Today on the other hand… I will have to survive all these gaming nerds around me. Survive this torment of: “Look at my desktop, it’s totally not dying like yours!” and “Look at my laptop, it’s a portable gaming system that might even almost be up to par with your desktop, if it would work properly!” Yeah, I miss my PC.

Nonetheless, the Internet is really stable! Just not the wifi. The wifi is about as stable as my desktop PC while running a game, and just to give you an idea of how stable that is: “12 minutes of gaming untill I crash!”

Of course all quotations in this post are what I think people, or objects would say, and not actual quotes. That would be ridiculous. There’s no such thing as talking laptops! Unless you got text to speech software… I’m totally getting off topic..

Bottom line of this post is: I don’t think laptops are proper gaming devices, even though apparently 50% of all LAN-ners think so. And I miss my PC… My sweet, sweet PC…

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