And so it begins…

Campus party,

A huge event, so it seems. But let’s start somewhere else. Let me introduce myself. I’m Chris, also know as DaDosDude. And this blog starts off years ago. Even though this is my first message,but to know why I’m here is to know the whole story.

A long time ago (and by that, i mean about 8 to 9 years ago) When i was just a little nooblet, I went out quite oftenly. And I met a certain individual called Alex. And while he was just a little loudmouth, he actually turned out to be a nice guy. And so we got older, and birthdays came. Actually a certain birthday came. Alex got one year older and we drank. Not just me and him, but all of us drank. A whole party full of drinking teenagers. And nearing the end of the party, I told Alex I loved him. And let me tell you up first, I’m not gay, believe me, I’ve tried. He looked at me with shock in his eyes, and i looked back and said: “In a certain way.” His shock slowly turned in to the biggest smile, and he burst out laughing, with me joining. And we’ve been best friends since.

Besides loving eachother, in a certain way, we have something in common. We’re gamers. We’re rivals. And we’re totally hilarious, if I do say so myself. And we often got seriously focused when it came to gaming. Every MP game we made into a rivalry, who got the highest score, who could beat each other, any way we can. But if it was a team game, we had to team up. I was the Ken to his Ryu, as we often proved in street fighter matches (Though I totally kick his ass!)

Now, a few years later, we don’t talk to each other so often anymore. We kind of grew apart. But not in a way that we didn’t like each other anymore. But when we do speak, it’s like old times. He followed a certain stream from a guy called ocelote, and he won tickets to Campus Party. A huge event housing 10,000 gamers, and 10,000 more tech nuts. And he asked me to come, for old times sake. And now I’m here, at an airport, under the roof yet still in open air of tempelhof airport in berlin, a shut down historical airport that has a value to Berlin, Germany and the allies, or so I was told by Alex’s dad as he was driving us to the train station to take us to Berlin. And I made this blog, to tell the story of this 5-day experience for all of the interested people. After standing in multiple lines for 3 hours I finally got to the point that I got my laptop set up.

Let the camp begin!

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