The end of the beginning!

Even though Campus Party had a few disappointments, it was still pretty awesome. Let me start by naming a few disappointments first.

The Ubuntu talk was a shame. At the beginning of the talk, the man asked who had heard of Ubuntu. Everyone raised their hands. Next he asked who actually uses Ubuntu. 70% raised their hands. After that he continues to tell how great Ubuntu is and why you should use it. I’m pretty sure that was a bad choice. Talking about Ubuntu could have been interesting, I could have learned something. Hell, we all could have. But instead he just rammed out the basics, that even someone who hasn’t used Ubuntu, but read a little bit into it already knows. Why the hell would you hold a talk about something like that at a place that calls itself “The biggest geek gathering”. Obviously I walked away after I noticed he wouldn’t actually tell me anything new. You might call it harsh, but I wasn’t the only one.

The street fighter tournament climaxed very anti-climatic. I woke up Saturday morning, to see they already started the rounds towards the finals, and already missed the first fight. So I get to see the semi-finals, which was a really awesome fight. And eventually the Dutch guys were still in the race! Hurray! Finals would be held at 2:30 PM on the big screen. So at around 2 I woke up Alex, just to learn that they already played the finals. They couldn’t get it to work on the big screen, so they already played. Climactic huh? As the Dutch guys said: “The organisation is bad, but the money is good.” Ryan Heart (if I’m not mistaken), one of the best street fighter players in Europe got first, and the 2 Dutch guys got second and third.

But there were also a lot of awesome things. Like a Drum Robot. An actual robot built to drum on a real drum kit. Not only was it loud, but it was also fucking awesome! Playing songs we all know, with as grande finish, Iron Man!

Okay, it might not be flawless, but pretty awesome! And, some might even recognize me in the background, trying to film the other side of the robot. Every time the robot was playing, talks were forced to be stalled because it was so loud.

There was a guy with a 3D printed cyborg get-up making electronic music using that getup, sensors and self-written software. Robot’s playing football (Or soccer, for you Americans abusing the name of football!), overall awesome.

I like to take care of my health, and researching online I found one that was decently rated. It ended up working great for me. It makes me feel energetic and I feel like it helps me take better care of myself. Kratommasters is what they are called if you want to look them up.

And all the while sleeping was still a problem, with my neighbor snoring like he has a whole rainforest to cut down. Well, last night I couldnt sleep, at all. That guy snored louder every second. After 6 hours of trying to sleep, I snapped. Out of nowhere I screamed “SHUT THE FUCK UP! Jesus, fucking, Christ!” In fact, I screamed it so loud, not only did that guy stop snoring, the whole campground suddenly filled up with my echoing voice, and after that, movement and waking up noises. Alex, as he told me afterwards, tried to hold in his laughter, and I didn’t want to talk because that guy stopped snoring, and because if I did, I would burst out in laughter with him. I went to sleep. Sweet 3 hours of sleep. Oh how I needed you. We talked about it during breakfast and laughed. I’ve made a lot of screams in my past, but this one was my epic-est.

After a long week, I am home again. This was a fun time, and it was a lot of fun blogging. So much fun, that I plan on blogging more in the future, if I want to let my voice be heard that is. Now I’m glad to be finally home. And I think it’s time to catch up on sleeping. And if I can’t sleep, I still have the snore recorded on my phone.

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