The Rival

On the grounds here at Campus Party there is tournaments to be held. Starcraft, League of Legends, and some more. Also included is a Street Fighter Tournament. As I have said before, me and Alex rival up in street fighter every now and then. And the latest installment, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, is a good one. As we heard that this tournement will be held, we got excited. We know we are far from pro, but we also know we are definitely not noobs. So we started training.

I caught on pretty quick, but Alex had some trouble. And do remember, we play this game every now and then, so no blame towards Alex. After getting used to the game again, re-inventing our favorite characters and some close matches, we got back to our ritual that we had going on here: Chilling at our laptops.

Then, people with sponsored shits came in, carrying a portable arcade stick specially made for street fighter. The Pros have joined the game. So after a bit I got curious and looked around how the competition is doing. There they were. Everyone had to stand, they sat. Everyone had to use the hard-mounted controllers coming with the Xbox360 cabinets, they plugged in their arcade sticks of doom. It was brutal, they were good, we had no chance for 1st place. Nevertheless we should still try to be king of the noobs, the best semi-pro people, the people to beat. So we trained.

There is a stand next to the Xbox stand, and one of the people working there wanted to give it a go against the best. I managed to get Alex, so I had to fight the stand guy. Quite the nice bloke. And for a German quite the vocabulary! Beat him, felt great, but Alex started fighting someone else in the meanwhile. So I asked a random bystander for a match. What I didn’t know is, while I was beating the spectator(s) Alex lost the match against the guy, so this got me curious. If you beat my rival, I want to give it my go. I’ll do my best to come up on top.

We started, selected our characters, and started the match. I chose my beloved Ken. He hit, I hit, We both get our health low, I get the final hit, he’s dead. Guy looks at me with respect. 2nd round, same story, meaning I won our first match. Guy shakes my hand, and says: “Finally a challenge!”. He has been fighting for a while now, and was pretty much unbeaten by anyone, including Alex, and I beat him. Now it get’s very exciting. and we do a few more matches. I beat him twice again, retry, beat him twice again. At this point, both our hands are sweaty, and I got him for a total of 3 matches. And it’s not like every match was an easy win, no, every match is as close as can be. Spectators get excited and the match is on. After a total of 11 matches, I got him 6 times, and he got me 5 times. Very close, and very fun.

I told him my thumb started hurting and that I was going to stop, and that’s when he showed me his thumb, sore and a single blister, and thats when I knew: This guy is a rival. He’s the guy that I want to beat in the tournament tomorrow. Now all I can do is hope I get to fight him when tomorrow comes…

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