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As some of you might know, I love music. And I went to see a talk about music. Not just Music like: “Hey, this song is awesome!”. But more in a way of music in general, and the potential future of music. Something awesome called Creative Commons license. Based upon personal sharing, this is the perfect way to get yourself known as band. Christian Villum, creator of the Music Label Uhrlaut, based upon this license, was holding this talk. They got viral in their country, and the artist got known, and got to travel the world.

Of course this is the optimal result you can have, and doesn’t mean that you as a band will actually get anything close to this result. But it does mean that you can share this music where you want. Buy it if you like it (or buy merchandise). This is of course a brilliant way to reach people! “Hey, you know how the pirate bay is bad and all? Yeah, well, we want you to listen to our music, so go there to download it!”

In my home country most Internet Providers had to legally block the use of the pirate bay, which on its own is retarded. The site is still available through mirror sites, and even if you avoid TPB every day now, like me, there’s still 20.000 other sites that provide the same (yes, the exact same) download.

And now, in an age of sharing everything (whether it be what you ate on facebook or whatever), it is becomming legal to do so. Imagine a perfect future, where you can listen to a new band, legally, without paying, without the taboo of piracy. If you like a band, just buy a CD. This is already how I shop for my music.

This does not mean the artist will get less money, or the label losing money. If anything, facebook, twitter and other social media are the best advertisement you can get. And it’s free!

This way of publishing is not just applicable in the music business, but also in books, art, software, basically anything. Some games even use a similar model of play for free. Team Fortress 2 is a great example. Play for free, enjoy the game. Like it? Buy some hats! Many MMORPGs saved the ass of their game this way too.

I’m rambling. (Maybe I should have started blogging sooner, this is a great way to get my mind off things.) Just remember, sharing is caring. And it ain’t stealing if the original is intact.