Good morning.

The opening ceremony wasn’t the festival I imagined it would be. It was just people talking. And not just that, it was people using different mics every time. The main host was good to hear, then came the “father” of the party. He came on screaming, making the mics overload the sound system. Then came a guy from a telecom company, I think. It was hard to understand. He had a portable mic, as if they didn’t have enough mics yet. He nervously walked around, but was actually a good speaker. If you count out the fact that there was no pop-filter, meaning everytime he used the letter “P” (or anything similar) the sound system would, again, overload. After that important people came on the stage, but my interest was way gone. The annoyance of the sound system overloading for every speaker that came on was just too much for me. I walked away.

Now, you might wonder, what festival did you imagine it would be? Well.. An hour or so before the opening, there was a band playing on that same stage, which gave me hope for this ceremony to be really kick-ass! The band wasn’t anything explosive or even active, but it was a nice mellow band to keep everyone at bay, and not whine about the racket they produce. It wasn’t half bad. So I imagined music, maybe some dance, some fireworks maybe, a cool intro movie, hell, I’d even settle with a powerpoint presentation! Instead we got dry talking, from one or two interesting people, and a handful boring speakers. Not worth the almost 15 minute delay of standing there, waiting, while nothing happened.

So I went back to the laptop, and used the internet. Alex let me play a bit of “Slender” which I hadn’t played before. Slender is a game ment te freak you out. Simple premise, find 8 pieces of paper, but covered in a creepy dark game with flashlights to help you out, and a faceless monster following you. It got me in a nice creepy mood, so I looked up creepy stuff on the internet afterwards. After a few hours, I went to bed at around 3 AM. Walking through the hangars where all the tents are, it looked a bit different. As if parts of the walls looked like it could be a jail. I hadn’t noticed this before in broad daylight, so it gave a nice ambiance and ending to my creepy searches.

Trying to sleep proved to be harder then you might think! Apparently, we have neighbors. No biggie, we all have that. But our particular neighbor had no problem sleeping. At all. We all know someone who snores. Hell, we might not admit it, but we might even snore ourselves. But this was a snore, so distinct, so persistent, so loud, that I could do nothing but trying to hold my laughter, and see if my phone could pick the sound up! Guess what. It did! I am now the proud owner of 3 snore recordings on my phone! After the funny part was off, and ignore mode was on, I went to sleep.

Now, here we are. The next morning. After cleaning myself up for a bit, getting some bacon and eggs, and setting up my laptop again, I see all stages slowly unlocking, putting away the fences, and getting ready to start all the events in store for today. Let’s see what this day might bring!

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