The end of the beginning!

Even though Campus Party had a few disappointments, it was still pretty awesome. Let me start by naming a few disappointments first.

The Ubuntu talk was a shame. At the beginning of the talk, the man asked who had heard of Ubuntu. Everyone raised their hands. Next he asked who actually uses Ubuntu. 70% raised their hands. After that he continues to tell how great Ubuntu is and why you should use it. I’m pretty sure that was a bad choice. Talking about Ubuntu could have been interesting, I could have learned something. Hell, we all could have. But instead he just rammed out the basics, that even someone who hasn’t used Ubuntu, but read a little bit into it already knows. Why the hell would you hold a talk about something like that at a place that calls itself “The biggest geek gathering”. Obviously I walked away after I noticed he wouldn’t actually tell me anything new. You might call it harsh, but I wasn’t the only one.

The street fighter tournament climaxed very anti-climatic. I woke up Saturday morning, to see they already started the rounds towards the finals, and already missed the first fight. So I get to see the semi-finals, which was a really awesome fight. And eventually the Dutch guys were still in the race! Hurray! Finals would be held at 2:30 PM on the big screen. So at around 2 I woke up Alex, just to learn that they already played the finals. They couldn’t get it to work on the big screen, so they already played. Climactic huh? As the Dutch guys said: “The organisation is bad, but the money is good.” Ryan Heart (if I’m not mistaken), one of the best street fighter players in Europe got first, and the 2 Dutch guys got second and third.

But there were also a lot of awesome things. Like a Drum Robot. An actual robot built to drum on a real drum kit. Not only was it loud, but it was also fucking awesome! Playing songs we all know, with as grande finish, Iron Man!

Okay, it might not be flawless, but pretty awesome! And, some might even recognize me in the background, trying to film the other side of the robot. Every time the robot was playing, talks were forced to be stalled because it was so loud.

There was a guy with a 3D printed cyborg get-up making electronic music using that getup, sensors and self-written software. Robot’s playing football (Or soccer, for you Americans abusing the name of football!), overall awesome.

I like to take care of my health, and researching online I found one that was decently rated. It ended up working great for me. It makes me feel energetic and I feel like it helps me take better care of myself. Kratommasters is what they are called if you want to look them up.

And all the while sleeping was still a problem, with my neighbor snoring like he has a whole rainforest to cut down. Well, last night I couldnt sleep, at all. That guy snored louder every second. After 6 hours of trying to sleep, I snapped. Out of nowhere I screamed “SHUT THE FUCK UP! Jesus, fucking, Christ!” In fact, I screamed it so loud, not only did that guy stop snoring, the whole campground suddenly filled up with my echoing voice, and after that, movement and waking up noises. Alex, as he told me afterwards, tried to hold in his laughter, and I didn’t want to talk because that guy stopped snoring, and because if I did, I would burst out in laughter with him. I went to sleep. Sweet 3 hours of sleep. Oh how I needed you. We talked about it during breakfast and laughed. I’ve made a lot of screams in my past, but this one was my epic-est.

After a long week, I am home again. This was a fun time, and it was a lot of fun blogging. So much fun, that I plan on blogging more in the future, if I want to let my voice be heard that is. Now I’m glad to be finally home. And I think it’s time to catch up on sleeping. And if I can’t sleep, I still have the snore recorded on my phone.


The tournament. Gametime. All fighters assemble, and assemble they did. They came out of nowhere, which wouldn’t matter normally. But these were pro’s. All of them. Well, maybe not all, but a lot. Half of em were people I already played, most of them bad, and the other half were pros. Round one turned up, and I fell. Not even a little bit, but I fell hard. This guy had the package: Arcade stick, special attacks, and patience. Patience that I don’t have. I don’t have time to look at your attack, I’m busy doing mine.

Loser bracket it is. Alex on the other hand had a no-show, so he made it one round further. Not that it mattered much, because he died horribly the next. As it turned out, Alex losing meant that he would have to fight me. And so we did. We fought like we always did. Alex/Ryu vs. Me/Ken.

Although Alex fought hard, he died the same, so Next round in the losers bracket it is! And this challenger had been decided in an match between my unnamed new rival, and an unknown with one of those arcade sticks. He fought valiantly, but in vain. Arcade stick guy won. Meaning my hope of facing my new rival in a match was crushed horribly by a tile sized plastic box with a stick and buttons on it! Those damn pros stealing all my fun!

Though it would have been great to face him off officially, it didn’t happen. But I can feel better with the idea of us training together last night and this morning. The training where I came out the better man for most of the time.

Now I would love to end with the gigantic climax of me getting to the final 8, but I can’t. The sticks beat the noobs fair and square. Now I sit here with my sore thumb. Defeated, but not crushed. If there is one thing Dutch people love to do, is root for their countrymen. Considering there are 2 Dutch guys still competing gives me a good feeling. The final 8 will fight on stage this Saturday, and I will root for my countrymen. They deserve the spot, and the money!

The Rival

On the grounds here at Campus Party there is tournaments to be held. Starcraft, League of Legends, and some more. Also included is a Street Fighter Tournament. As I have said before, me and Alex rival up in street fighter every now and then. And the latest installment, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, is a good one. As we heard that this tournement will be held, we got excited. We know we are far from pro, but we also know we are definitely not noobs. So we started training.

I caught on pretty quick, but Alex had some trouble. And do remember, we play this game every now and then, so no blame towards Alex. After getting used to the game again, re-inventing our favorite characters and some close matches, we got back to our ritual that we had going on here: Chilling at our laptops.

Then, people with sponsored shits came in, carrying a portable arcade stick specially made for street fighter. The Pros have joined the game. So after a bit I got curious and looked around how the competition is doing. There they were. Everyone had to stand, they sat. Everyone had to use the hard-mounted controllers coming with the Xbox360 cabinets, they plugged in their arcade sticks of doom. It was brutal, they were good, we had no chance for 1st place. Nevertheless we should still try to be king of the noobs, the best semi-pro people, the people to beat. So we trained.

There is a stand next to the Xbox stand, and one of the people working there wanted to give it a go against the best. I managed to get Alex, so I had to fight the stand guy. Quite the nice bloke. And for a German quite the vocabulary! Beat him, felt great, but Alex started fighting someone else in the meanwhile. So I asked a random bystander for a match. What I didn’t know is, while I was beating the spectator(s) Alex lost the match against the guy, so this got me curious. If you beat my rival, I want to give it my go. I’ll do my best to come up on top.

We started, selected our characters, and started the match. I chose my beloved Ken. He hit, I hit, We both get our health low, I get the final hit, he’s dead. Guy looks at me with respect. 2nd round, same story, meaning I won our first match. Guy shakes my hand, and says: “Finally a challenge!”. He has been fighting for a while now, and was pretty much unbeaten by anyone, including Alex, and I beat him. Now it get’s very exciting. and we do a few more matches. I beat him twice again, retry, beat him twice again. At this point, both our hands are sweaty, and I got him for a total of 3 matches. And it’s not like every match was an easy win, no, every match is as close as can be. Spectators get excited and the match is on. After a total of 11 matches, I got him 6 times, and he got me 5 times. Very close, and very fun.

I told him my thumb started hurting and that I was going to stop, and that’s when he showed me his thumb, sore and a single blister, and thats when I knew: This guy is a rival. He’s the guy that I want to beat in the tournament tomorrow. Now all I can do is hope I get to fight him when tomorrow comes…

Share me!

As some of you might know, I love music. And I went to see a talk about music. Not just Music like: “Hey, this song is awesome!”. But more in a way of music in general, and the potential future of music. Something awesome called Creative Commons license. Based upon personal sharing, this is the perfect way to get yourself known as band. Christian Villum, creator of the Music Label Uhrlaut, based upon this license, was holding this talk. They got viral in their country, and the artist got known, and got to travel the world.

Of course this is the optimal result you can have, and doesn’t mean that you as a band will actually get anything close to this result. But it does mean that you can share this music where you want. Buy it if you like it (or buy merchandise). This is of course a brilliant way to reach people! “Hey, you know how the pirate bay is bad and all? Yeah, well, we want you to listen to our music, so go there to download it!”

In my home country most Internet Providers had to legally block the use of the pirate bay, which on its own is retarded. The site is still available through mirror sites, and even if you avoid TPB every day now, like me, there’s still 20.000 other sites that provide the same (yes, the exact same) download.

And now, in an age of sharing everything (whether it be what you ate on facebook or whatever), it is becomming legal to do so. Imagine a perfect future, where you can listen to a new band, legally, without paying, without the taboo of piracy. If you like a band, just buy a CD. This is already how I shop for my music.

This does not mean the artist will get less money, or the label losing money. If anything, facebook, twitter and other social media are the best advertisement you can get. And it’s free!

This way of publishing is not just applicable in the music business, but also in books, art, software, basically anything. Some games even use a similar model of play for free. Team Fortress 2 is a great example. Play for free, enjoy the game. Like it? Buy some hats! Many MMORPGs saved the ass of their game this way too.

I’m rambling. (Maybe I should have started blogging sooner, this is a great way to get my mind off things.) Just remember, sharing is caring. And it ain’t stealing if the original is intact.

The Saga Continues

After feeling pretty bummed out about my PC not being well, I fear one of my hard disks might be failing, I had to bring my laptop. This laptop is not gaming material. If anything it is “look on a webpage, e-mail a friend” material, which is exactly the reason I bought this laptop. It’s old, nay, ancient, and not meant for gaming. If i wanted a gaming platform to use on a train or something, I would bring my Nintendo DS. Laptops are NOT made for gaming, or so I thought.

Looking around here I see way too many laptops. And all of them better then mine. But that’s okay. Tomorrow tempelhof will be filled with shows, contests and workshops! Why would I want to waste time playing a game, while I can feed my inner nerd? Tomorrow will be awesome! Today on the other hand… I will have to survive all these gaming nerds around me. Survive this torment of: “Look at my desktop, it’s totally not dying like yours!” and “Look at my laptop, it’s a portable gaming system that might even almost be up to par with your desktop, if it would work properly!” Yeah, I miss my PC.

Nonetheless, the Internet is really stable! Just not the wifi. The wifi is about as stable as my desktop PC while running a game, and just to give you an idea of how stable that is: “12 minutes of gaming untill I crash!”

Of course all quotations in this post are what I think people, or objects would say, and not actual quotes. That would be ridiculous. There’s no such thing as talking laptops! Unless you got text to speech software… I’m totally getting off topic..

Bottom line of this post is: I don’t think laptops are proper gaming devices, even though apparently 50% of all LAN-ners think so. And I miss my PC… My sweet, sweet PC…

And so it begins…

Campus party,

A huge event, so it seems. But let’s start somewhere else. Let me introduce myself. I’m Chris, also know as DaDosDude. And this blog starts off years ago. Even though this is my first message,but to know why I’m here is to know the whole story.

A long time ago (and by that, i mean about 8 to 9 years ago) When i was just a little nooblet, I went out quite oftenly. And I met a certain individual called Alex. And while he was just a little loudmouth, he actually turned out to be a nice guy. And so we got older, and birthdays came. Actually a certain birthday came. Alex got one year older and we drank. Not just me and him, but all of us drank. A whole party full of drinking teenagers. And nearing the end of the party, I told Alex I loved him. And let me tell you up first, I’m not gay, believe me, I’ve tried. He looked at me with shock in his eyes, and i looked back and said: “In a certain way.” His shock slowly turned in to the biggest smile, and he burst out laughing, with me joining. And we’ve been best friends since.

Besides loving eachother, in a certain way, we have something in common. We’re gamers. We’re rivals. And we’re totally hilarious, if I do say so myself. And we often got seriously focused when it came to gaming. Every MP game we made into a rivalry, who got the highest score, who could beat each other, any way we can. But if it was a team game, we had to team up. I was the Ken to his Ryu, as we often proved in street fighter matches (Though I totally kick his ass!)

Now, a few years later, we don’t talk to each other so often anymore. We kind of grew apart. But not in a way that we didn’t like each other anymore. But when we do speak, it’s like old times. He followed a certain stream from a guy called ocelote, and he won tickets to Campus Party. A huge event housing 10,000 gamers, and 10,000 more tech nuts. And he asked me to come, for old times sake. And now I’m here, at an airport, under the roof yet still in open air of tempelhof airport in berlin, a shut down historical airport that has a value to Berlin, Germany and the allies, or so I was told by Alex’s dad as he was driving us to the train station to take us to Berlin. And I made this blog, to tell the story of this 5-day experience for all of the interested people. After standing in multiple lines for 3 hours I finally got to the point that I got my laptop set up.

Let the camp begin!